Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs are a great choice when you want a lasting, water-tight and attractive commercial roof. It holds up to hurricane-force winds, summer heat and the strongest rain storms without leaking. We can install a roof that lasts a lifetime and gives your property distinction. Call now for a free estimate. 

Did you know standing seam metal roofs account for approximately 10 percent of all new roofs. They have long been a popular choice for commercial applications – and are now growing in the residential sector, as well.

  • Metal is one of the greenest building materials available. It is recyclable and can be repaired instead of replaced.
  • It is Class A fire-rated, offering the highest protection possible for your occupants and contents.
  • It is lightweight, making installation worry-free on any type of structure. It can be placed over other surfaces easily.
  • Metal can withstand rain, wind, UV rays and hail without damage.
  • Metal can save up to 40 percent on cooling bills when painted in light colors or covered in white elastomeric coating.
  • It comes in a wide range of colors, making it the perfect choice for branding your business. Paint has become so technologically advanced that it will keep its original color throughout its lifetime. It won’t fade, crack, chalk or peel.

Metal Tile Roofing

Metal tile roofing can give you the look of wood, clay or slate without heavy weight and maintenance. It is among the most durable and waterproof surfaces you can put on your property. Careful installation is vital to success. Trust Orlando Roofing Contractors for lasting results that are guaranteed.

Do You Want a Tile Roof?
Unless your home or building was built to handle a heavy roof – like slate, clay or concrete tile – you will have to spend thousands of dollars just reinforcing the structure below. In many cases, this can’t be done at all. 

A Lightweight Lookalike
Now, you can get the architectural beauty of Spanish clay tile, cedar shakes and quarried stone with metal roofing tile. How? Sheet metal is formed into the textures and profiles of these other materials. The color is carefully mixed and incorporated into the finish for good looks that last for decades. 

Sturdy construction
Properly installed metal roofs resist wind better than any other material and meet strict Miami-Dade County building requirements. They are locked down four ways to keep them in place. Our technicians have the proven skill you need for a flawless installation that resists wind lift and leaks even on low-pitched surfaces. 

Durable Materials
Metal tile roofing is manufactured in Galvalume-coated steel, stone-coated steel, terne, aluminum and copper. They are guaranteed not to corrode, warp or change color. Most carry a 50-year to lifetime warranty that is transferrable to new owners – an excellent selling point in an uncertain market! Metal will not only give you the good looks of natural materials, it will wear better, too. Clay tile and slate are dense but brittle. They can crack when walked on or struck by debris. Metal will not. 

Superior Wind Protection
If you look at photos of neighborhoods after hurricanes and tornadoes, it is clear that most of the intact roofs are made of metal. At most, they might get dented, but this is usually cosmetic – not functional – damage. The tile variety can work for both residential and commercial properties. 
  • Asphalt composition roofing may lift in catastrophic winds, but properly fastened metal shingles never will. In fact, they are designed to withstand winds of 120 mph or more, depending on their profile, design and installation. Many types pass laboratory tests at a much higher velocity.
  • When metal tiles are properly fastened, they will be joined at the top and sides; some are also joined at the ends (known as the butt). This helps secure them against wind damage.
  • Metal tiles are about the size of asphalt tab shingles – that is, wider than they are tall. That means fewer seams and a more leak-resistant surface. In rare cases, large hail can damage the edges, but this is usually a cosmetic problem that can be repaired.